Please send edits and new content. For this website to impact others, we need to regularly share successful practices, challenges and outcomes. Use the guidelines below to submit content.


File type: jpg or png

File size: Under 200MB. You can use to resize pngs or jpgs, quickly and easily. Just drag your images into the header, then let it convert, and download.

Image width for full width sections (like the homepage slider): 1920px wide

Width for other images: Preferably between 800px and 1100px. The content area is 1100px, so please don’t send images wider than that. If you have an image smaller than 800px, we still may be able to use it.

Permissions: Please ensure that we have the rights to use the image on the website.

To submit an image, please make sure your file meets the above requirements, and send the following to

  • Image
  • Photo credit
  • Description of image
  • Proposed location for image

New Topics

To submit a topic in the form of a new page or a new section, please email the following information to

  • Title
  • Text
  • Image(s)
  • Proposed location for the new content

Small Edits

For small changes such as typos, the wording of a paragraph, or to have a link to your school included in a topic, please email

Please send links to specific pages, not simply your institution’s BEST homepage. This way users can learn more information about how your school addresses a specific topic.