Speed Mentoring

Six to eight different tables are staffed by two professionals at each table; trainee participants pre-register for topics that interest them and then cycle between their assigned topics during four 15-minute speed mentoring sessions. The event is moderated with a gong and strict time limits. This event provides the opportunity to bring together and highlight campus resources that may not be known to trainees. Some of our collaborators have included the center for teaching, the STEM career services office, local alumni, the counseling center, and current faculty.

Some potential topics include:

  • Making the academic to industry transition
  • Secrets of a good chalk talk
  • Differences in cover letters for liberal arts vs R1 positions
  • Stress management strategies
  • How to choose a postdoc that supports your career trajectory
  • Budgeting your start-up package
  • Structuring your informational interview & networking
  • Managing your mentor
  • Demystifying the CV vs Resume differences in structure & content

Duration: 2 hours and a networking dinner
Institution: University of Chicago

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