Acing the Video Interview

 In Jobs: Preparation and Placement

The use of video interviews as a first step in the interviewing process is a growing trend, both in industry and academia, that can’t be taken for granted. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2016 Recruiting Trends report, there has been a 50 % increase in the use of video interviewing in the past year making it highly likely you will encounter a video interview at some point in your job search process. This session will describe different types of common video interviews, why organizations are doing them, what some major pitfalls are in doing one and how you can avoid these and make the best impression possible. The latter half of the session will move to a Q&A format and be devoted to taking a deep dive into the types of interview questions you should expect, what they are really asking, and ideas about how to answer them.

Duration: 1 hours
Institution: Vanderbilt University

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