The Science of Great Ideas

Fostering The Creative Process

12 trainees to keep artist-trainee ratio low and so that art supplies aren’t cost prohibitive ($50 per student). Before the session, trainees fill out a survey that asks them questions about art, perfectionism, and how they see themselves as creative individuals. First 30 minutes of the session is an introduction to creativity, what holds people back and some sharing of anonymous quotes pulled from the survey that shows people don’t really see themselves as creative. I worked with a UR Artist-in-Residence, but you might be able to partner with an artist from your university, another school, or networking connections. Next 90 minutes, the artist leads the trainees through the ideas of basic color theory, shows them how to use the art materials, and makes suggestions as the trainees try their hand at art: we used watercolor crayons that you could turn to paint with water on a brush. I can share my survey and slides. I don’t think I would have to lead this at all.

Duration: 2 hours
Institution: University of Rochester

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