Birkman Self-Assessment with the Birkman Method

Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) is our mission and the Birkman Method is one tool we have experimented with and have found to be very powerful to help trainees and faculty on a variety of topics such as career exploration and development, mentoring, individual development planning, leadership development, and team building.

We hold a variety of Birkman workshops throughout the year. Check out the BEST events page to sign up!

More about Birkman:

The Birkman Method is a scientifically developed self-assessment tool that creates personalized reports. These reports give participants data and insights to improve self-awareness and self-management through exploring their effective work styles, motivations, and strengths. Insights can also be applied to improve understanding of different approaches others have to success. Birkman teaches us that our perception of ourselves and of others actually influences how we manage people, projects, and most importantly– ourselves. Therefore, becoming more self-aware is the first step to setting up the path to success.

Participants gain insight to:

  • Diverse communication and work styles
  • Different approaches to success
  • The role of mindsets and emotional intelligence
  • How to align roles to boost productivity
  • Developing careers and exploring interests that drive motivation

Birkman stands out over other assessment tools because it has been in practice since the 1950s, is data-driven, and integrates a framework around self-awareness that allows participants to understand three dimensions of mindsets and behaviors: 1) your usual style (strengths), 2) your needs (expectations/view of others), 3) and your stress (when expectations are not met). Other assessments don’t speak to these dimensions in the way that the Birkman Method can.

  • $75/per person for the assessment – we can talk about reports to use
  • 20-30 people/session – even more ideal if they all know each other, lab-based
  • Could do multiple sessions labs/faculty/students
  • More info
  • Interactive, ideal room that has space to move about.

Duration: 3 hours
Institution: Emory and Georgia Tech

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