The NIH BEST Coordinating Center supports the collaboration of all BEST research sites. There are roughly 100 career development experts among the 17 sites, providing informed and unique perspectives on biomedical career support. The NIH BEST Coordinating Center helps to funnel those voices into one common message, with the aim of improving biomedical career development nation-wide. Specifically, the Center organizes the annual meeting, monthly teleconferences, subcommittee meetings and this website.

The Coordinating Center is supported by an NIH BEST supplement grant, which was awarded to Vanderbilt University.

  • Roger Chalkley, D.Phil
    Roger Chalkley, D.Phil Principal Investigator

    Oversees the NIH BEST supplement award

  • Laura Daniel, Ph.D.
    Laura Daniel, Ph.D. BEST Consortium Associate Director

    Coordinates consortium-wide activities and supports consortium collaboration