Ph.D.s in private sector jobs will soon surpass academic jobs

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A recent article in Science, In a first, U.S. private sector employs nearly as many Ph.D.s as schools do, states that the U.S. science and engineering job market for Ph.D.s has reached a milestone—employement in the private sector (42%) is nearly on par with the academic sector (43%).

The report examined Ph.D.s broadly; however using the Survey of Doctoral Recipients, information can be gathered specifically about biomedical Ph.D.s. Traditionally, the percent of biomedical Ph.D. recipients working in academia, which includes a wide range of careers, has been greater than in the private sector. Over the last several years we have begun to see a shift. When you examine just biomedical Ph.D.s this milestone hasn’t been reached (48% vs. 42%), but there a clear trend highlighting the importance of training biomedical graduate students and postdocs for all potential fields.


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