Avery August, NIH BEST Consortium PI, Named HHMI Professor

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This month, The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) named 14 distinguished scientists HHMI Professor (HHMI’s full article here). This prestigious recognition comes with a $1 million grant over five years.

One of our BEST PI’s, Avery August, Ph.D., Cornell University Professor of Immunology in the College of Veterinary Medicine and incoming vice provost for academic affairs, was one of the recipients. This award honors research scientists who have demonstrated excellence in research and education. August will join 52 other scientists that currently have this honor.

August’s project aims to help students that have transferred to Cornell’s biology program from a community college. Students are often at a disadvantage due to lack of exposure to scientific lab research. This program will provide these students exposures to basic laboratory techniques; making them more attractive to faculty looking for undergraduate lab assistants.

I am extremely excited to be named a HHMI Professor and receive support from the HHMI for this project. I attended community college, and I have some understanding of the difficulties these students face in transferring to 4-year colleges, and in trying to get research experience.  I think this award recognizes the importance of providing these students with opportunities for performing research, and their potential for broadening who gets to do science.
– Avery August

Congratulations to Avery August.


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