Business development, consulting, and strategic alliances

Build a company around your biomedical discoveries and creations. Or take your biomedical skills and apply them to business. Your analytical skills can be used for market research and your scientific knowledge can be applied to technical sales or consulting.


  • 2016 Workforce Data for Business Careers
  • The Wayne State University BEST program panel discussion: Business. Panelists – WSU alumni, industry and internship partners, and WSU faculty – share about a range of insights about their work at the intersection of science and business, including business practices, entrepreneurship, networking, resumes, and the variety of opportunities available in the field.

Sample Job Titles

Application scientist/specialist

Product development scientist/engineer


Market researcher

Accounts manager

Business development

Strategy Consultant

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Meghana Rao, PhD, Consultant, Campbell Alliance

In the “Beyond the Lab” video series, the BRET Office of Career Development within the Vanderbilt School of Medicine interviews Vanderbilt PhD and postdoctoral alumni about their career path.