As a student or postdoc you’ve seen the many people that make an institution run.

Learning requires more than just teachers. To get students, help them succeed in school and assist with the transition out of school, institutions need admissions officers, deans, academic support teams, student life coordinators, and alumni relations officers.

Similarly, science requires more than just scientists. Labs need people to write grants, manage the finances, get IRB and other approvals, coordinate research projects, and manage data.

Your university and research experience set you up perfectly for any one of these positions, which can ultimately lead to more advanced positions such as being the director of a large research program or a university provost.

Alumni Spotlight

Andrea Bauman-Carnegie, PhD, Director of Administrative Operations, Center for Clinical and Translational Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

In the “Beyond the Lab” video series, the BRET Office of Career Development within the Vanderbilt School of Medicine interviews Vanderbilt PhD and postdoctoral alumni about their career path.

Sample Job Titles

Program coordinator/manager/director

Career development officer

Director of diversity

Development officer

Research coordinator/administrator/director/program manager

Grant manager/administrator/writer/editor/program officer

IACUC (institutional animal care and use committee) coordinator/manager

IRB (internal review board) manager/administrator

Research development associate/specialist/coordinator

Senior research officer

Technology licensing agent/specialist/associate

Technology transfer agent/officer/specialist/manager

Professional Organizations