diverse career

At the 2015 NIH BEST Annual Meeting, consortium members made a list of the top 13 reasons why all biomed PhD granting institutions need strong career development programs. Use this list to enlist support for your program or for motivation to keep working for your students and postdoctoral scholars.

13. Important recruitment tool for new students

12. Important alumni engagement tool

11. Important tool for expanding diversity efforts

10. Provides leadership and guidance to all other graduate programs, increasing efficiency and reducing redundancies

9. Prepares students and postdoctoral researchers for satisfying careers

8. Opportunity for stronger academy-industry engagement

7. Attracts development money

6. Helps secure and retain grants

5. Happy students are productive students and vice versa.

4. Provides a mechanism for gathering hard data on career development

3. Can lead to enhanced interdisciplinary collaborations

2. Helps the institution contribute to a scientifically literate workforce

1. We have a moral obligation to help students and postdoctoral researchers find work