Mastermind Groups

Blue-Sky Visioning, An interactive session on Day 2 (facilitated by Beka Layton from UNC) created ten “Mastermind Groups.” Each group created a “Massively Audacious Goal (MAG)” around the subject of improving graduate education and professional development. The MAG was required to be written in the present tense to help get people excited. The Mastermind groups formed during the meeting will continue and anyone can join them. Below is a list of the Master Mind Groups formed. If you would like more details about how to join one or more of the groups you can email Beka ( or me for more details.

Group 1. “All faculty have mentor training, receive continuing education regularly, and develop mentoring statements which are proudly displayed. Departmental ratings and achievements around mentoring are recognized and rewarded.”

Group 2. “All graduate students are independently and centrally funded. Student funding is independent of research funding.”

Group 3. “All trainees have experiential training as part of their curriculum. This is supported by a national experiential learning center driven by needs and input from trainees.”

Group 4. “We have a highly developed capacity for evidence-based decision-making in educational practices for career development using rigorous evaluation practices.”

Group 5. “Funding is decoupled from research. Training is independent of funding sources. ”

Group 6. “Nationwide PhD curricula include professional development starting the first year.”

Group 7. “Graduate Recruitment, enrollment, & curriculum development are based on input from all stakeholders, and short- and long-term workforce needs!”

Group 8. “In all aspects of wellness, trainees are fully supported during training and after.”

Group 9.  “All grad students and postdocs have support and resources needed to explore and pursue all careers. Faculty and institutional leadership buy-in to the importance of this mission.”

Group 10. “Scientists look like the US and all individuals are welcomed and celebrated. Leadership is diverse as the workforce.”