Annual Meeting Format:


The theme of this years meeting is Data, Dissemination, and Sustainability


Day 1

This will primarily be centered on data presentations – “Data Showcases”. This is an opportunity for your school to give a snapshot of paper(s) you are would like to publish. The idea behind this format is to generate collaborations. There will be a mechanism in place at the meeting for you to indicate which topics/institutions you are interested in collaborating on.


You are being asked (The “BEST 2017 Data Showcase Guidelines”) to submit topics to Julie by October 9th so that the presentations can be grouped by topic. You are being asked to submit a copy of your data handout to Laura (me) by October 23rd so that it can be include in the program booklet (and website). This will allow other institutions to see what you are working on and facilitate collaborations.


FYI: On day 1 NIH will also be presenting their interpretation of the Windrose data.


Day 2

This will primarily be centered on collaborations. At the start of the day you should come to the registration table and you will be given an agenda that details which institutions you will be speaking with about possible collaborations (determined by preferences made on day 1).


The data-sharing working group will also lead a discussion about creating rules for collaboration and what the requirement are for a publication/presentation to be considered a consortium effort.