2017 Annual Meeting FAQ

Is every institution required to present?

What if my data is incomplete?
Your presentation can be centered on the type of data you are collecting.

 Can an institution present on more than one topic/paper?
Yes, as long as you stay within your time allotment

Should only one person from each institution present their data?
That will be up to each institution, just stay under time. There will be a podium and a table with several chairs if your institution chooses to do the presentation panel style.

What format should I present my data?
That is up to each institution. You can rely just on your handout (see the Data Showcase Guideline link) or even create a separate handout.

What if I choose to present my data as a PowerPoint?
Use 4:3 aspect ratios and have your slides to Laura (laura.daniel@vanderbilt.edu) no later than October 30th at 12 PM eastern.

Can I use my handout (data showcase guideline) to present my data?
Yes, but if you want your handout in the program booklet send it to Laura (laura.daniel@vanderbilt.edu) no later that October 23rd.

If I am presenting my data using PowerPoint can I bring a thumb drive to the conference?
No, transitions from one presenter to another must down quickly and smoothly.