BEST Consortium Roadshow

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BEST Consortium Roadshow
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Tracey Baas1, Ashley Brady2, Patrick Brandt3, Christine Chow4, Laura Daniel2, Emma Flores5, Tami Hutto6, Linda Hyman9, Bill Lindstaedt7, Ambika Mathur4, Judith Moldenhauer4, Gabriela Monsalve7, Julie Rojewski8, Barbara Schreiber9, Abby Stayart10, Susi Varvayanis11

1University of Rochester Medical Center
2Vanderbilt University
3University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
4Wayne State University
5University of California, Irvine
6Emory University
7University of California, San Francisco
8Michigan State University
9Boston University
10University of Chicago
11Cornell University

All 17 BEST institutions have tested numerous workshops at their individual institution, learning what works and what doesn’t. Through consortium networking, people learned about some of the most successful workshops, resulting in invitations to sister BEST Institutions to present. The first traveling presentations to “hit the road” were Emory’s Birkman Self-Assessment Workshop and Boston University’s Workforce Data Workshop. To aid in workshop information exchange and dissemination, the BEST Roadshow webpage was created and now houses the work from 11 BEST institutions, showcasing 21 different presentations that address a wide range of topics, such as career exploration, creativity, interview preparation, communication and skills development. To date, workshops have been shared not only at BEST institutions but also at national meetings and conferences. As the BEST Roadshow moves from conceptual pilot to curated resource – perhaps in the format of a professional development speakers’ guild – more stringent guidelines and evaluations for workshop inclusion and more aggressive marketing will need to be considered and implemented to ensure the success of the resource.


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