From Square 1 to Never Done

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University of Colorado Denver|Anschutz Medical Campus

From Square 1 to Never Done –
The journey to broaden experiences in biomedical 
and scholarly training

To be more inclusive and reflect the many different processes and procedures in biomedical sciences, including the computation and data sciences, we renamed the BEST program into the BESST Program for Broadening Scientific and Scholarly Experiences.

Our BESST program is structured along the life cycle of a Ph.D. student in the biomedical sciences and, as such, starts with an annual Graduate and Professional Skills Orientation (GPS) for incoming Ph.D. students, and ends with an annual Milestones of Success Celebration (MOS) for all trainees, faculty, and staff. Between the two bookends, the GPS Orientation and the Milestones of Success Celebration, CU’s BESST Program offers interactive workshops designed according to skill deficiencies that employers report missing in trainees who join the workforce fresh out of the university. These professional/career development workshops are divided into two main subject areas 1) Thinking and Communicating and 2) Leading and Managing.

While the BESST funding is not renewable, the BESST spirit will remain! So far four of the CU BESST workshops have been converted into course-shops, and the new Career Development Office offers short training units and develops new offerings adjusting to changing needs. – From Square 1 to Never Done

This presentation would give an overview of how everyone, with some dedication and imagination, can get a professional/career development started from square 1. The message is that a lot can be done without the much funding.

Duration: 1 hour


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