We not only want to highlight BEST as a consortium, but also the articles that BEST institutions publish that are in-line with our mission.

BEST Publications:

S.W. Watts, D. Chatterjee, J.W. Rojewski, C. S. Reiss, T. Baas, K.L. Gould, et al. Faculty perceptions and knowledge of career development of trainees in biomedical science: What do we (think we) know? PLoS ONE 14(1): e0210189 (2019)

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A. Mathur, F. J. Meyers, R. Chalkley, T. C. O’Brien & C. N. Fuhrmann, Transforming training to reflect the workforce. Science Translational Medicine 7, 285ed4 (2015)

BEST Institutions Get Published

Career: Guidance, Preparation, and Outcomes

C. A. Stayart, P.  Brandt, A. Brown, T. Hutto, R. Layton, K. A. Petrie, E. N. Flores-Kim, C. G. Peña, C. N. Fuhrmann, G. C. Monsalve. Applying Inter-rater Reliability to Improve Consistency in Classifying PhD Career Outcomes. bioRxiv (2018)

A. Mathur, P. Brandt, R. Chalkley, L. Daniel, P. Labosky, C. Stayart, & F. Meyers. Evolution of a functional taxonomy of career pathways for biomedical traineesJournal of Clinical and Translational Science 2.2 (2018)

A. Mathur, C.S. Chow, A.L. Feig, H. Kenaga, J.A. Moldenhauer, N.S. Muthunayake, M.L. Ouellett, L.E. Pence, V. Straub. Exposure to multiple career pathways by biomedical doctoral students at a public research university. PLoSONE 13,6 (2018)

R. St. Clair, T. Hutto, C. MacBeth, W. Newstetter, N. A. McCarty, J. Melkers. The “new normal”: Adapting doctoral trainee career preparation for broad career paths in science. PLoS ONE 12,5 (2017)

M. Sinche, R.L. Layton, P.D. Brandt, A.B. O’Connell, J.D. Hall, A.M. Freeman, J.R. Harrell, J.G. Cook, P.J. Brennwald. An Evidence-Based Evaluation of Transferrable Skills and Job Satisfaction for Science Ph.Ds. PLoS One 12,9 (2017)

E.A. Silva, C. Des Jarlais, B. Lindstaedt, E. Rotman, E.S. Watkins. Tracking Career Outcomes for Postdoctoral Scholars: A Call to Action. PLoS Biol 14,5 (2016 May).


A. Mathur, A. Cano, M. Kohl, N. S. Muthunayake, P. Vaidyanathan, M. E. Wood, M. Ziyad. Visualization of gender, race, citizenship and academic performance in association with career outcomes of 15-year biomedical doctoral alumni at a public research university PLOS One (May 2018)

Andreoli JM, Feig A, Chang S, Welch S, Mathur A, Kuleck G. A research-based inter-institutional collaboration to diversify the biomedical workforce: ReBUILDetroit. BMC Proc. 2017;11.

R. L. Layton, P. D. Brandt, A. M. Freeman, J. R. Harrell, J. D. Hall & M. Sinche. Diversity Exiting the Academy: Influential Factors for the Career Choice of Well-Represented and Underrepresented Minority Scientists. CBE-Life Sciences Education 15,3 (2016)

A. L. Feig, L.Robinson, S. Yan, M. Byrd & A. Mathur. Using Longitudinal Data on Career Outcomes to Promote Improvements and Diversity in Graduate Education. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning. 48:6, 42-49 (2016).

Graduate Student Education

L. C. Meyers, A. M. Brown, L. Moneta-Koehler, R. Chalkley. Survey of checkpoints along the pathway to diverse biomedical research faculty. PLOS ONE 13,1 (2018)

P. Hitchcock, A. Mathur, J. Bennett, P. Cameron, C. Chow, P. Clifford, R. Duvoisin, A. Feig, K. Finneran, D.M. Klotz, R. McGee, M. O’Riordan, C. Pfund, C. Pickett, N. Schwartz, N.E. Street, E. Watkins, J. Wiest D. Engelke. Point of View: The future of graduate and postdoctoral training in the biosciences. eLife 6:e32715 (Oct. 2017)

K. A. Petrie, R. H. Carnahan, A. M. Brown, K. L. Gould. Providing Experiential Business and Management Training for Biomedical Research Trainees. CBE Life Sciences Education. 16, 3 (2017)

C. N. Fuhrmann. Enhancing Graduate and Postdoctoral Education To Create a Sustainable Biomedical Workforce. Hum Gene Ther (2016). doi:10.1089/hum.2016.154


D. Chatterjee, J. K. Ford, J. Rojewski, and S.W. Watts. Exploring the Impact of Formal Internships on Biomedical Graduate and Postgraduate Careers: An Interview Study. CBE Life Sci Educ 18, 2 (May 2019)

A. M. Schnoes, A. Caliendo, J. Morand, T. Dillinger, M. Naffziger-Hirsch, B. Moses, J. C. Gibeling, K. R. Yamamoto, B. Lindstaedt, R. McGee, and T. C. O’Brien. Internship Experiences Contribute to Confident Career Decision Making for Doctoral Students in the Life Sciences. CBE Life Sci Educ 17,1 (March 2018)