Coming to a College or University Near You!! The BEST consortium is proud to present the BEST Roadshow. All of our 17 institutions have tested out numerous workshops at their school; learning [...]

Call for Bloggers

We are looking for four new bloggers.  OVERVIEW Requirements: Ph.D. or graduate student in a school with a career development office. Audience: U.S. biomedical PhDs and postdocs Time commitment: [...]

Program Staffing

Program Staffing Slides: Program Staffing Moderator: Roger Chalkley, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Panelists: Emma Flores, University of California Irvine; David Fruman, University of [...]

2017 Annual Meeting FAQ

2017 Annual Meeting FAQ Is every institution required to present? Yes What if my data is incomplete? Your presentation can be centered on the type of data you are collecting.  Can an institution [...]